What is Littlescribe?

What is Littlescribe?

Littlescribe transforms handwritten illustrated work into digital books and hard copy books. Littlescribe creates purpose for a child’s writing and provides the ability for children to read and reflect on their own work. Literacy is the bedrock of education and Littlescribe connects key writing skills and literacy skills in a meaningful and engaging way.

Digital books are added to the Megabonkeramus Library, Littlescribe’s very own online library of books by children for children. Children’s books can be kept private and accessible to only them and their families, or available in a library for their class, school, or for all other children to read in the Megabonkeramus Library.

Students are also able to share their work with their family and friends, and create their very own online book clubs to enjoy each other’s work in a safe and secure environment.

Littlescribe allows students and teachers to print physical copies of their books for use in the classroom, to take home to their families, and to share with their loved ones to establish a sense of pride and achievement in learning.

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