Mini-Writing Festival for Home Schoolers and Parents

Mini-Writing Festival for Home Schoolers and Parents

1. How do I register

  • Go to the Home Schooling Education Kit and click the ‘Purchase The Kit’ button.
  • Enter your details and provide payment information - you can pay directly by credit card.
  • We will send an email with your login details so you can get started.

2. Can home schoolers attend the live event?

  • The live sessions are a school event only, due to the complexity of managing privacy and security.

  • All videos are recorded and made available on-demand as part of the Home Schoolers Education Kit. Home schoolers receive the same educational resources as schools.

3. When is the deadline to register?

  • Registrations are open, the earlier you register the longer you have access to all the resources.

4.  What resources are included in the Mini-Writing Festival?

  • What resources are included in the Mini-Writing Festival?

  • Downloadable lesson resources for each session with pre and post-workshop activities.

  • Recordings of live workshops will be available from August 7th until the end of Term 3.

  • A series of approximately 75 micro-videos that capture the key learning moments from each workshop will be available from August 21st until the end of term 4.

5. Do you have to view all the sessions?

  • No, you can pick and choose which sessions to attend.

  • Each session can be viewed as a stand-alone learning moment.

6. Can students attend all the workshops?

  • Yes, you can access all on demand workshops. We recommend you attend sessions that are aligned to your student’s capabilities and learning focus.

7. What is required to access the resources?

  1. Once you have your login details, you'll have access to all the resources as they are released. The Mini-Writing Festival dashboard provides a summary of when the resources will be released.

8. What should we bring to the workshops?

  1. Students should bring pens, pencils, paper whiteboards and imagination!
  2. The Student Writing Journal is a useful resource to use before, during and after the workshop.

9. How can students submit questions to the authors?

Use the direct links for authors in each workshop level.
  1. Lower Primary 
  2. Middle Primary
  3. Upper Primary 
You can email questions to the authors to Make sure you include your name and age so we can acknowledge the child.

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