Mini-Writing Festival for Schools

Mini-Writing Festival for Schools

1. How do I register for the Mini-Writing Festival program?
2. How do I access the live Mini-Writing Festival workshops?
  • Access will be opened the week prior to the Live Festival 

  • You can choose either zoom or youtube.

  • For quick access: login and click this link for direct access to ‘Live Workshop Links’.

  • Or login on your dashboard to see ‘Events’, click ‘Mini-Writing Festival’, click ‘Live WorkShop Links’.

3. When is the deadline to register for the Mini-Writing Festival?
  • Early Bird registrations close on 28 February.

  • We will take registrations in Term 2, 2022.

  • See here for pricing.

4.  If I am not a school can I register for the Mini-Writing Festival live workshops.
  • No. The live workshops are a school event only and not open to the public. 

  • The Mini-Writing Festival HOME SCHOOL Festival Education Kit is available for homeschooled children. Click here to learn more.

5. What resources are included in the Mini-Writing Festival?

  • Additionally Mini-Writing Festival PLUS and AnnualScribe customers also receive a series of more than 75 Micro Videos focused on key points from each author workshop, to reinforce and reuse until the end of Term 4, 2022.

6. Is the Mini-Writing Festival suitable for High school students?
  • Yes! The Mini-Writing Festival has sessions and resources suitable for lower, middle and upper primary as well as high school (up to Year 10). Download the full calendar.

7. I’ve registered my primary school/class - can we access the High school author Mini-Writing Festival workshops? 
8. I’ve registered my high school/class - can we access the primary school author Mini-Writing Festival workshops?
9. Do students have to attend all the Mini-Writing Festival workshop sessions? 
  • No, you can choose which sessions to attend. 

  • Schools frequently choose to attend some live workshops and others on demand for the following 6 weeks.

10. Can students attend all the Mini-Writing Festival workshops? 
  • Yes! Remember you can choose to participate by the live and/or on demand workshops.

11. Can I register as a whole school for the Mini-Writing Festival ? 
  • Yes. Register before 28th February, 2022 to secure Early Bird pricing. 

  • Whole school registrations start from $5.00 per student. 

11. Can I register as a class for the Mini-Writing Festival?
  • Yes. Register before 28th February, 2022 to secure Early Bird pricing. 

  • Part school registrations start from $6.00 per student. 

12. What should we bring to the live, online author Mini-Writing Festival workshops?
  • The sessions will be interactive so each student should bring pens, pencils, paper, white boards and imagination! 

13. What happens if a student, class or school can’t make it to a Mini-Writing Festival workshop?
  • Refunds are not provided, however you will have access to the recording of the workshop 24 hours after the live session, and it will remain available until the end of Term 2. 

14. What is the Story Starter Wall?
  • An online space for students to share original writing. All Littlescribe participants can opt in to share their own and view others’ work. Access the Story Starter Wall and be inspired! 

15. What is shown on the Story Starter Wall? 
  • The student’s piece of work, first name only and the person they would like to read their writing. 

  • Work is submitted by the teacher and reviewed by Littlescribe before being published on the Story Starter Wall.

16. Do we have to add work to the Story Starter Wall?
  • No, it is optional. 

17. Who can see the Story Starter Wall?
  • The world - your audience can be global!

18. How much is the Mini-Writing Festival?

Where can I download or see the Mini-Writing Festival Calendar and the authors?
19. Cancellations and substitutions
  • Refunds will not be issued once an account created for your school representative. Resources can be accessed and used from this point in time.

  • A school can request in writing to subsititue a teachers licence.

  • Substitute licences for students can be requested in writing and will be considered depending on the length of access and circumstances.

20. Program Changes

  • Littlescribe reserves the right to make changes to the Event program at any time.

  • Should Littlescribe postpone an event such as the Mini-Writing Festival, due to unforeseen circumstances, any fees paid by the Registrant will be applied to the rescheduled event

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