Littlescribe How to buy books

How to buy books

How can I buy a book?

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Once logged in, go to your library and tap the shopping cart icon to add a book to your order. Once you have chosen the books you would like to buy go to Shop to complete your order, make and payment and add mailing details.

Who can buy books?

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Our platform allows any user to buy books

What books can I buy?

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You can buy any book that you can see on the platform. If a book has been marked private only you will be able to view and buy the book.

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    • Can I buy books in bulk to save?

      As you add more books to your order the price of each book reduces as you reach each bulk tier. If you are planning to place multiple orders you can use book credits to get the best price.
    • How much does it cost to use Littlescribe?

      Is Littlescribe free for teachers and school? Littlescribe is free for teachers to use. Teachers and students can create and upload their digital books into their classroom libraries and the Megabonkeramus library. It is also free to read other ...
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      Littlescribe transforms handwritten illustrated work into digital books and hard copy books. Littlescribe creates purpose for a child’s writing and provides the ability for children to read and reflect on their own work. Literacy is the bedrock of ...
    • Blank pages

      If a book doesn't reach a minimum of 12 pages, we add white blank pages. This is a printer requirement. We do this to ensure an efficient printing press runs. Consistency is essential when managing thousands of unique books to ensure quality and ...