How much does it cost to use Littlescribe

How much does it cost to use Littlescribe?

Is Littlescribe free for teachers and school?

Littlescribe is free for teachers to use. Teachers and students can create and upload their digital books into their classroom libraries and the Megabonkeramus library. It is also free to read other students books in the Megabonkeramus Library. In the future, we plan to create premium teaching tools and student education tools (beyond what we have already created) that a teacher, school or department may pay for.

What is the cost for parents and children?

Littlescribe is free for children and parents to use. In the future, we plan to create premium features (beyond what we have already created) that a parent may pay for.

Do I have to buy the books?

No. You do not have to buy books – but we think you would be delighted with the result if you choose to.

How much do books cost?

Prices start from $8.80 / book when bought in bulk. We have various book sizes which are priced accordingly. For more information check out our pricing at

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    • Can I buy books in bulk to save?

      As you add more books to your order the price of each book reduces as you reach each bulk tier. If you are planning to place multiple orders you can use book credits to get the best price.