How do I get started as a teacher?

How do I get started as a teacher?

Go to and click Sign up.
Then select Teacher and complete your details.
You can then create your first classroom and start adding children.
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    • Can I sign up and to use Littlescribe as a teacher?

      Yes. You can sign up as teacher and use it with your class even if your school is not using Littlescribe. If more teachers want to join they can be added as required.
    • How do I add children to a classroom?

      Select a classroom Select (or create) the classroom that you want to add children from your dashboard. Add students Add children manually or import a list by clicking the action buttons. Add children manually You can add students manually in your ...
    • Updating a student’s password

      If you only need to temporarily access a student’s account then you can use the Master Password functionality. Changing student passwordTo top As a teacher, you are able to change the password for any student in your classroom. Using the desktop ...
    • How do I connect a parent?

      When a child account is created as part of the classroom import they are not connected to a parent account. While this is the case you (the teacher) are responsible for ensuring the child is using Littlescribe appropriately. To ensure responsibility ...