Updating a student’s password

If you only need to temporarily access a student’s account then you can use the Master Password functionality.

Changing student password

As a teacher, you are able to change the password for any student in your classroom.

  1. Using the desktop version login at www.littlescribe.com
  2. Click ‘My Account’
  3. Select your classroom in the dropdown in the Linked Profiles section
  4. Select the student and then click the Password tab on the left side

Setting and using the Classroom Master Password

Teachers can set a master password for each classroom. This allows the teacher to log in to the account for any student in that classroom using the students username and the master password.

This will not change the student’s password.

Ensure this password is kept securely and change it as required.

  • Select the classroom and then click ‘Password’
  • Set a master password
  • Logout and then login with the student’s username and the master password
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