I don’t have iOS, can I still create a book?

How to create a book online

Yes you can!

Here are the steps to create a book online:

  1. Head over and login to the desktop version at www.littlescribe.com
  2. Select the ‘Create’ menu item
  3. Upload your images to the Image Library by clicking ‘Build your image library’
  4. In the Image Library select your images and click ‘Create a draft book’
  5. Edit your images and then Preview
  6. When you are finished click ‘Add to Library’.

What image types can be used?

You can upload PNG or JPG/JPEG images and also PDF files. There is a limit of 3mb on each file.

Are your images too large?

Here are some tips if your images are too large.

  1. Combine them into a PDF file and upload the PDF file – there are several online tools that can help with this like: https://smallpdf.com/jpg-to-pdf.
  2. Compress the image file(s) – online tools such as https://tinypng.com/ can help.

NOTE: you use 3rd party tools at your own risk.

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