How to connect to my child’s account

1. Create a parent account

Before you connect to your child’s account you must have created a Parent account. It’s best to do this using our desktop platform.

2. Log in to your child’s account

Log into your child’s account using a desktop computer (not the mobile app). You will find their unique 6-digit parent connection code under the ‘My Account’ section.

Access ‘My Account’ by selecting the dropdown arrow in the top right of the screen by their name.

Take note of their username and connection code as you will need them at the next step.

3. Log into Parent Account

Log into your parent account and click the ‘Add or Connect my Child’ button on the right side menu. From here click ‘add child’. Enter your child’s username and then the connection code when prompted.

4. Success!

Now your child’s account should be visible to you in the home page of the platform.

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