How do I create a project using the iOS App?

First, download the iOS app onto your Apple iPhone or iPad and log in using the same details as you use on the desktop platform.

Where to create your iOS project

Once you’ve logged in click the ‘Create’ box and then click your project type.

Choose your project options

You can create a free-form digital project by choosing ‘Just Me’.

Select ‘Co-author’ to use Co-author story starter pages to add to your project.

Choose your project orientation (portrait or landscape) depending on what suits your pages.

Adding and editing pages

Click ‘Add Page’ to insert new pages. You have 3 options:

  1. Take a new photo
  2. Add from gallery
  3. Add a blank page

After adding pages you can edit them to crop the image, rotate and also apply filters.

You can re-order pages by dragging each page to the new location. Hold down the page and then move it.

Adding to library

When you have completed your draft project you can add it to your library. Give your project a title and then click ‘Add to Library’.

NOTE: you need to preview your book before you can add to library.

Ordering your Littlescribe Book

Once you have added your project to your library you can order a printed version. Add it to your cart and complete checkout and we’ll then send a printed copy of your project for you to show others.

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